About Your Coach

Hi, I’m Amber Rost, Neurofeedback Coach

I was introduced to neurofeedback when looking for an alternative for my daughter who was struggling with focus among other things in school. We tried the medication route for a short term fix but immediately began looking for a lifetime solution. A friend of mine had the same struggle with her son and shared neurofeedback with me.

After a lot of research, I chose Brain-Trainer software because it focused on peak performance of an individual’s brain. Anger, anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, lack of focus and depression can fill a person’s thoughts with self defeating chatter that takes them “off track”. The Brain Artisan provides a customized plan to address the pathways in the brain at the root of these issues and replaces them with efficient, balanced and more calm pathways that get them “back on track”.

My passion for neurofeedback skyrocketed during Covid. Knowing the stress and strain that EVERYONE went through, the unexpressed grief, the loss of loved ones, the strain on relationships, the unhealthy “escape” habits and the overall fear that crept in to almost everyone I know was crippling. I believe with my whole heart that Neurofeedback will help people and families get back to whom they were meant to be.

Amber Rost

What Is It Like To Work With Me?

Most people find that the decision to try brain-based work of any kind involves a leap of faith, so it’s important for you to get a sense of what you’re walking in to and what you’ll receive. I believe that meeting me for a no-nonsense, no-pressure (and no charge) consultation is the best way to make that decision

We’re likely to be a good fit to work together if you want to:


I believe that medical and clinical settings are stress-inducing, so I don’t do that. You won’t find any technicians or white lab coats. I don’t treat you like a patient, because that’s not what you are. I want my trainees to feel comfortable and at home.


There’s no such thing as a “normal” or “average” brain, so my training plans are customized for each individual, based on a philosophy of training to optimize the whole brain. I combine this idea with measuring what’s really going on electrically through what’s called a Trainers’ qEEG.


If you can come during standard business hours, great! I have those available. But, if there is a special circumstance that you must meet at a different time, I can attempt to meet your needs.

Monday-Friday: 11 am – 3 pm

If this interests you, get on my schedule now.