5 Stars
Ms. Rost is engaging and she always used positive communication during our sessions. She supported me in feeling safe during the procedures. Although, I had many questions and doubts, Ms Rost answered every question and created an open space to discuss and calm my doubts. Regarding the results, I am excited to say that I have observed amazing results and I continue to benefit from Ms Rost’s expertise!

Tali O.

5 Stars
It helped with my social anxiety alot after only a couple sessions. I was able to make more friends and not be so scared to talk to people.

Lorelei R.

5 Stars

Brady J.

5 Stars

This was a very interesting/fascinating experience for me. Amber knows and is passionate about this area of overall health.

Susan R.

5 Stars

Peaceful office, friendly artisan, and fascinating information!

Susan P.

The Brain Artisan

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